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Am I small…or big?

I never knew I was going to have a penis bigger than 90% of the world’s population ( of course, it’s only about 60 -70th percentile of the Kenyan population ).

Sometimes I look at the studies on penis length and girth, and condom size charts, just to make sure. I love how my dick doesn’t fit through a toilet paper roll ( does that mean that I pass that test, …or fail ? )I used to think, I’m average, and that’s the size all guys have, and I still feel I could use a little more length…In the men’s changing rooms, there are guys who will wander the place naked, seemingly unaware of the stares, and show off their penises. I saw one once, and thought, wow, I’ll never be that size…and so I Ieft it at that. That was my adolescence. Growing up , I was too shy to speak to the girls who I dug…shyness, racism, being the only (almost) asian in the entire school, and a perception that I only had a small cock kept me from showing some swag, and approaching girls.

But some things I just couldn’t explain. When I was a 4 year old, we had nursemaids ( this is post colonial thailand, and our family was moderately well off ) , who had to dress me. There was one, who I had a terrible crush on, who always had trouble putting my cock into my pants, ( since it was hot there, we dispensed with underwear), and a couple times zipped up my foreskin…of course, I howled…I always thought she was just not good at zipping up little boys’ pants.

Then when i was 18 , I went to a “massage” parlor. There, the girls always were always smiling staring it,when it grew hard in their hands, they would let go, as if scared of it.. showering it with compliments, like “oh , it’s such a fatty “ , or “wow, huge “. I always chalked it up to them stroking my ego , their way of ensuring I would come back and pay them a visit again…it worked,of course…then once, when we were both lounging around, naked, in bed, she slipped out of the room , and when I wasn’t looking, snuck one of her girlfriends/coworkers in the room..who tried to lift the bedcovers to have a peak…

Later in my life, my first wife would say, randomly, “when you come, your dick gets really big…ooooh”…and I couldn’t understand that, since I always thought that  erect size didn’t change once maxed out. But she seemed to think the opposite.We used to have sex, her on top, sitting in the backseat of her Audi , at Washington National Airport Parking lot . In those days, I still harbored the notion that my penis was small to medium..I never measured…and so I would buy extra thin condoms, so I would get more sensation at the tip…little did I realize that thin condoms are not only thin skin, but narrower girth than the average… I always used to think it was supposed to hurt to put the condom on..rolling it on always was a bit of a pain…then one day , it broke, so it made me think, well yeah, maybe I should graduate up a size….so I bought a natural lambskin condom…when I put it on, it was completely comfy, easy to roll on…it didn’t bunch up, but i was so used to the super tight little latex ones, i got paranoid they would fall off…but my SO at the time that it fit just fine…come to find out, Naturalamb skins are even bigger than Magnum XLs….then I used to think it was supposed to roll all the way down, and the condom would run out, but there was always a little left to roll down, unless i counted rolling it the bottom of the penis, where it always rolled to the end…I didn’t know these were 8 inch condoms, and yes you were supposed to roll them down to the end, but nobody expected you to actually use up all of the length…so I still thought I was on the short end.

Then there is the issue of whether women look at guys’ packages. If you asked me a couple of years ago, I wold have voted no, but it seems, oh yes, women do look, and a lot. My current S.O. would start to complain to me that I was showing..she definitely didn’t like it …my first wife never complained of that, but now I really have to watch myself, I can’t wear tight pants, and they have to be dark ,not white of gray pants. Wow, I never gud.JPG


White Penises larger than Asian penises, Fact or Wishful Thinking ?

White penises are larger than Asian ones, Fact or Fiction?

Let’s analyze how this (mis)perception came (oops) into play. White guys probably like looking at penises a lot, and noticed from the changing rooms, and porn, that black penii are significantly larger, but that asian penii are significantly smaller than their own pale peckers. There is a very human reaction to being shat upon from up on high, shit upon the one lower than you. Typically human reaction.

Segue into the era of statistics, and scientific studies. Caucasians are now using these rather dubious methods of investigation to proclaim the fact, yes , asian penii are smaller than white ones, while conveniently ignoring the african population.

We should also do an expository on genetics. There is a phenomenon called “genetic drift”. The frequency of any given allele in a population will undergo a variation in its frequency. In other words, the “large penis” gene ( if there is one ) can go from a 5% occurrence within any population ( ie, whites, asians,,blacks) all the way to 100% ( lucky bastards ! ). This effect tends to occur in smaller populations, while it is “diluted out” in large populations.

The asian population in Asia is 2.1 billion , whereas the caucasian population in Europe and North America is is  0.7 billion. Therefore , the effect of genetic drift is more amongst caucasians in Europe and North America, the two regions most often measured in the penile length studies. Therefore, the white population of the US and europe ( ex Brexit ? ) has a higher chance of genetic drift, ie, of having a higher frequency the large penis gene, and thus, large penii, whereas the asians in asia have less genetic drift , and are stuck with their original size penii.

Let’s look at another factor affecting “penis size”…or actually, perception of penis size: statistics. Statistics are used to back up scientific claims, such as the pseudo-science of the large white johnson. This pseudo science is published in less than reputable scientific journals, using incorrectly deployed statistics, but are trumpeted by the mass media, and by definition, the internet, and Google search engines. ie. junk science published in the Journal of Irreproducible Urologic Science ( Hebernick et al ) gets trumpeted in the the Huff post, the London Daily Mail, Men’s Health, and various Penile length enhancement websites, all using the erroneous science for their own nefarious ends…ie, sell more magazines and papers, and suction dievces. I think we were taught this was “yellow journalism” in the Spanish American war in the 1800s, in which newspapers invented  a fictional story of Spanish aggression , a journalistic act that precipitated a war..

STATS 101:

a Bell Curve, a Gaussian distruibution.:

Look at the curves for caucasian penis size , and look at the distribution, it is not a perfectly symmetric Bell curve. It tapers more gradually on the right end, the end that represents large penis size. The effect is to make the mean larger than the median. In other words, it pulls up the average, unfairly. Now look at the distribution Bell curve for asian dick size: it is perfectly symmetric, a true Bell curve . Her, the mean, the average cock length is NOT pulled up by a few outliers with Mondo Dongs. If you’re going to compare average dick length, that number should have been derived from a perfect Bell Curve, not  a skewed one. Or you could compare two skewed bell curves.

So you may ask, why is the caucasian bell curve skewed to the right? Who are these genetically lucky outliers? The answer is provided by the genome identifying company, 23 and me. In it, it was found that Caucasians in the US and Europe have a 2% incidence of African genes. The asian percentage of african genes is vanishingly ( oops again) small. This 2% incidence of African genes in white folk . Do the math, and it is enough to account for the skew in the Bell curve !  There has been a long history of rape by white slavemasters, and these offspring are those with enough white characteristics to look phenotypically white, until they drop their drawers to reveal their african Mondo dong. Asians do not have any history of enslaving black people, and thus, do not have the resultant right-skew in the Bell curve. So when Caucasians crow about having a (slightly) longer dong than their asian counterparts, they are merely alluding to their awful and inhumane history of enslavement of the African peoples. Perhaps not something to be proud of.

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How did I inherit my Penis? part 2

I have been recently searching the scientific literature regarding the genetics involved in determining penis size.There are two genes, SMOC-1 , and androgen receptor. SMOC1 is associated with a 2D:4D digit ration , the more CAG repeats, the higher the ratio, and the lower the penis length. If you recall , I discussed the 2D:4D finger ratio, the forefinger to ring finger length, is associated with penis length ( CHoi et al ) the longer the ring finger, the lower the 2D:4D ratio and the longer the penis.Apparently, androgen receptors mediate the SMOC response, they promote the trasnscription of the SMOC gene, ie, the more androgen receptors bound to androgen in the mother’s womb lead to more expression of SMOC-1, and the longer the penis, and the lower the 2D:4D ratio.

SMOC-1 is found on chromosome 14, a somatic ( non-sex ) chromosome, whereas the Androgen receptor gene is on the X chromosome, the sex chromosome iis nherited by males from their MOThers, nOT their FaTHErs….Therefore, since AR genes promote and modulate SMOC response, it is really the mother’s genes that controls penis size.

There are likely other factors that control the SMOC gene, but heretofore unknown to scientists.

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does she like you ? …it’s in her eyes….

I don’t know if I have shared this with you all yet, but if the girls has light eyes, like grey, green, blue, you can easily see their pupils… if they are dilated, then , they’re enjoying the view,( presumably of you and/or your johnson )and you can probably approach them and talk to them with a much higher chance of success than you initially thought. I did this with a girl who was talking with me at the gym , trying to sign me up, and her pupil looked like the ones in the chart below…and I flirted back, taking my time chatting, and then I got her to invite me back to her office, and she gave me her phone number..oh, I love girls with dilated grey green eyes !! eyes7n-1-web Of course, before you go out and try looking at girls’ pupils, you should familiarize yourself with what a dilated one and a non dilated one looks like… so check out both the chart above , and the youtube video below.